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Drywood Coatings B.V., a dynamic company

Drywood Coatings B.V. is a quality-conscious and market-orientated paint factory that operates dynamically in all respects, both at a national and international level. As an independent company, it is occupying an increasingly important position on the Dutch market.

Drywood Coatings B.V., the company with the expertise
Drywood Coatings B.V. produces technically high-grade paint systems for wood, stone, concrete, steel and plastic, at the centre of which are Drywood’s waterbased products with their unique composition. Thanks to the very careful selection of base materials, constant laboratory research and stringent checks, Drywood’s quality far surpasses the standards set by leading, national and international recognized testing authorities.

Drywood Coatings B.V., the company with the personal touch
Its unsurpassed quality and comprehensive product range make Drywood Coatings B.V. an attractive partner; its expertise at the forefront of technology and the company guarantee 100% delivery reliability.

Drywood Coatings B.V., the company with a golden team
The Drywood team is professional and customer-orientated. Whether you require development, innovation, detailed advice relating to paint technology for new developments or maintenance, inspection and problem solving or technical and commercial support, training and information, Drywood Coatings B.V. works quickly, efficiently with flexibility.

Drywood Coatings B.V., the right partner for you
The use of Drywood products goes hand in hand with professional support in the form of project inventories, technical paint advice, expert support, testing and reporting. For us, this goes without saying.

What Drywood means to:The housing construction association
Durability, lower maintenance cycles, cost savings and of course embellishment are extremely important aspects, both for the construction company and for the inhabitants!

What Drywood means to: The architect
To comply with all standards and values, the architect opts for clear technical paint advice, functionality and an attractive and often colourful design!

What Drywood means to: The building contractor
The building contractor benefits from problemfree supply of wooden components to the construction site. When it comes to coatings technology aspects, contractors will choose tailor-made service!

What Drywood means to: The joinery factory
Protecting wooden components is inextricably linked with optimum quality and a range of options for high-grade technical applications. When it comes to paint, the joinery industry calls for expert technical support from a flexible organisation that can guarantee 100% delivery reliability!

What Drywood means to: The painter
For (industrial) painters and application systems providers, excellent handling of the paint is a must. They consciously choose paints that are perfectly suited to the applications. The professional painter takes great pride in his work!

What Drywood means to: You, the client…
In short: Drywood Coatings means you have found the perfect partner for all when it comes to water-based paint!

Paintsystems you can count on!

Drywood Coatings B.V….
…passionate about all paint preparations
…synonymous with water-based paints
…works closely with leading (testing) authorities such as SKH, SHR, TNO, COT and CATAS

The Drywood Coatings Vision:

  • customer-orientated
  • flexible
  • innovative

Drywood Coatings implements the worldwide environmental health and safety programme Coatings Care. Member of VVVF.